Hi 👋, I'm Johannes

I talk to humans and machines and specialize in golang, kubernetes as well as automating everything!

As a consultant and developer, I provide services ranging from DevOps to application development and have a history of completing projects on time and within budget. My current focus is on Kubernetes, Golang, and Terraform but I have experience working in various environments.

Growing up with the internet, I uploaded my first websites to Geocities, served as tech-admin for numerous bulletin boards, and have been professionally coding since 2003. After attempting to build my first start-up in 2006, I learned that success would not come simply because I built it. As a result, I earned a bachelor’s degree in economical psychology, which has greatly enhanced my team leadership and communication skills and allows me to view products from multiple perspectives.

What began as a small agency offering server hosting in 2007 has since evolved into a full-service consultancy and freelancing business, serving clients around the world. I started working when servers were primarily dedicated, experienced the virtual server revolution, briefly delved into serverless tech, and am now immersed in the Kubernetes ecosystem and its container technology. My background in psychology gives me unique insights into team leadership and communication, and I have a proven track record of leading and creating successful international teams.

My preferred cloud platforms are Azure and AWS, but I have also worked on other platforms, including bare-metal and everything in between. I enjoy tackling complex problems and have experience with multi-cloud deployments.

I am currently offering my services as a freelancer and would be happy to discuss potential opportunities involving Kubernetes. If you’re looking for someone with seniority and experience in the field, please feel free to reach out. I have extensive experience with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and bare-metal Kubernetes, and I am confident in my abilities.

All of this makes me an ideal candidate if you are seeking a senior-level professional who is flexible, collaborative, and hands-on. If you would like to see what I have been up to, please check the projects section on LinkedIn.

kubernetes experience

Kubernetes cluster types:

  • AKS, Bare-metal, Edge server, EKS, Hetzner-cloud, multi AZ, Single-Node


  • Cloud Kubernetes (AKS EKS), Harvester, K3S, Rancher desktop, Rancher RKE, Vanilla Kubernetes

Operators created:

  • Admission Controllers, Annotation of existing services, Application deployments, MySQL DB deployments, Scaling of deployments depending on the time and day

Interesting accomplishments in Kubernetes

  • Deployed bare-metal clusters using on-premise hardware
  • Implemented CSI-compliant bare-metal clusters
  • Integrated BGP Peer with Calico for enhanced networking
  • Configured IPV6/IPV4/dual-stack bare-metal clusters using Calico
  • Executed cluster-to-cluster migrations
  • Transitioned from Helm to Kustomize for resource management
  • Automated DNS and certificates management with Cert-Manager and ExternalDNS
  • Enabled OIDC Single Sign-On (SSO) for both cluster and application access
  • Deployed VOIP applications on Kubernetes
  • Implemented GitOps using GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, and ArgoCD
  • Managed bare-metal ingress load balancing using HAProxy and Traefik
  • Utilized Kubecost for effective cost management
  • Managed storage and backups using Longhorn
  • Deployed ARM architecture on Hetzner for the control plane with AMD64 and ARM nodes

Github Excerpts

  1. go-wait-for-k8s
    • A utility program written in Go that monitors the readiness of Kubernetes resources like Pods, Jobs, Deployments, StatefulSets, DaemonSets, and ReplicaSets.
    • Repository
  2. SpInvalidFileNameFinder
    • A command-line tool written in Go that helps you find and optionally rename files and folders with invalid names for SharePoint.
    • Repository
  3. Consoleman
    • A command-line utility that acts like Postman but runs in the console. You can use it to send HTTP requests to APIs and inspect the responses.
    • Repository
  4. Simpleapp
    • A simple app that defines a basic Kubernetes app used in trainings, containing a simple MVC structure for packages, a Mux subrouter integration, kube manifests, and an easy-to-learn structure.
    • Repository
  5. Auto Updating base images
    • This image is based on and integrates mongodb-tools in order to easily backup databases in a production AKS.
    • Repository
  6. Cronor
    • A Kubernetes cron job image with one task: change a deployment depending on whether it’s day or night. Showcasing how easily the Kubernetes API can be implemented directly into your code in multiple ways.
    • Repository
  7. Ingress and Egress with the same IP on Azure and Terraform
  8. DevContainers
    • A collection of Dockerfiles for various development environments.
    • Repository

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  • Psychological assessment systems that measure occupational competencies, personality and interests
  • Scrum Master

  • Design Thinking

general experience

  • Fullstack (Frontend, Backend, APIs, Daemons, Operators, Infrastructure-Orchestration)
  • Favorites: Golang, JavaScript, PHP, C#
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Hetzner, OVH, Contabo, Bare-Metal
  • Databases: MySQL , MSSQL, PostgreSQL, TimeScaleDB, Redis, MongoDB
  • DevOps: Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, Argo CD, Rancher
  • Server: Kubernetes, k3s, K3OS, Harvester, Docker (Swarm), Bare-Metal , Serverless
  • Location Networking, VPN (Wireguard, Software, MS-VPN)
  • Jira / Redmine / Trello



  • Native or bilingual proficiency


  • Native or bilingual proficiency


  • Limited working proficiency

You can reach me on LinkedIn