Often after hibernation your docker containers will be out of sync, which will create problems with everything expiration based. I experienced this problem, after my laptop came out of hibernation and I had just setup a fresh kubernetes cluster, which, because of its cert-based auth, showed that my certificate was set to the future and therefore I was not able to authenticate myself.


The core issue seems to be fixed fixed by the WSL2 kernel release, which you can update to with

$ wsl --update


This quick fix will update the time in your local docker desktop container which should be using wsl and Windows. It is using hwclock:

hwclock is a tool for accessing the Hardware Clock. You can display the current time, set the Hardware Clock to a specified time, set the Hardware Clock to the System Time, and set the System Time from the Hardware Clock.

You can find more information about hwclock here: https://linux.die.net/man/8/hwclock

In order to fix your container time, which inherited by the doker-desktop container simply run this in powershell:

$ wsl -d docker-desktop -e /sbin/hwclock -s

After that your container time should be updated and on time again.